Real Estate Services

The Garfunkel Companies have a long standing history of developing, acquiring and managing retail, commercial and industrial properties.  The Companies have earned the trust of national, regional and local tenants, brokers, lenders and vendors. In addition, investors and owners respect the integrity, innovation, stability and reliability of the Companies.  Their keen understanding of the many facets of the real estate business are reflected in the extensive and diverse portfolio they carry.

Investment Strategies

The Garfunkel Companies provide detailed performa to potential investors by implementing a conservative and structurally sound financial model.  The senior executives of the Companies evaluate investment properties which offer short term monetary gains, long-term profitability, and possible value-add opportunities before presenting to prospective investors. The outstanding reputation of the Garfunkel Companies affords them the trust of lenders and sales brokers in closing transactions in a timely manner. Their ability to study customer/market demographics and needs, while understanding retail/market fluctuations and risk trends, provides potential investors with an accurate picture of a property.

Management Services

The Garfunkel Companies have gained the reputation as a most trusted and professional management team. The individual talents of the entire Garfunkel staff provide a professional atmosphere for investors, tenants, brokers, lenders, sub-contractors, vendors, and local and state officials. The combined resources at the Garfunkel Companies allow for the most efficient and straight forward management services of properties, In addition to managing the assets under their ownership, the Garfunkel Companies offer full third-party management services with the same level of integrity.  Reports, budgeting, billing, sight visits, leasing and assessment are the foundation of their management approach. The key element of their success is their long-standing history of fostering and maintaining relationships.

Leasing/Tenant Relations

Having established strong relationships with national and local brokers and tenant representatives, the Garfunkel Companies are able to secure the most credit-worthy tenants to maximize property values.  Their approach in developing these strong partnerships with tenants allows them to maintain symbiotic landlord/tenant relationships over the long term.  The end result is properties with high occupancy rates and satisfied tenants in the given market.  In addition, the Garfunkel Companies generate a community presence by interacting with local authorities and organizations.  The ultimate goal is to create an income producing property with net value for the investor, a stable environment for the tenants, and a successful shopping experience for the customer.